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Trains Murcia

Cheap train tickets to Murcia

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Murcia 35,33 €
Trains Barcelona to Murcia 29,95 €
Trains Alicante to Murcia 3,45 €
Trains Valencia to Murcia 10,55 €
Trains Elche to Murcia 6,25 €
Trains Albacete to Murcia 15,47 €
Trains Cartagena to Murcia 3,20 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Alsa Alsa 20/08/2022
  • Renfe Intercity 13/09/2022
  • Renfe Intercity 16/08/2022
  • Renfe Intercity 01/09/2022
  • Renfe Media Distancia 10/09/2022
  • Alsa Alsa 22/08/2022
  • Renfe Intercity 16/08/2022
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Stations near of Murcia

  • Train Beniel
  • Train Archena
  • Train Orihuela
  • Train Balsicas
  • Train Callosa De Segura
  • Train Alhama De Murcia
  • Train Torre Pacheco

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More information about trains Murcia

In Murcia, we have nice weather throughout the year, with an average of 18 ºC of temperature: an average of 10,2 ºC in winter and in the summer, an average temperature of 25,7 ºC. On top of this, Murcia is almost never cloudy and the rain is scarce.

If to all this we add the extensive tourist offer we have in Murcia; the different types of tourism that can be practised in it, for all ages and in all circumstances, plus the extensive rail service that connects Murcia with other locations, all this makes of Murcia a very good holiday destination.

For prices from 2,30 € we can travel by train to Murcia, whose train station is in Plaza de la Industria and it was inaugurated in 1862 by Queen Isabel II on a travel she made between Cartagena and Murcia, although this line was really put into operation in February 1863, connecting Murcia and Cartagena.

Located in the district of Carmen, the train station in Murcia is called Estación de Murcia del Carmen and it receives trains from La Coruña which are the first trains to arrive, at 0:00 h on its first departure of the day, as well as the Paris - Murcia trains which are the last ones to enter in the station of Murcia del Carmen, since the last train to arrive at the station in Murcia does at 23:55 h, in its last daily departure.

The Spanish citizens who have Murcia closer are the passengers of the trains Archena - Murcia because they only have 19.2 Km of path ahead, in contrast, we have the route Paris - Murcia, which consists of 1,242.8 Km.

Those who travel more often to enjoy the continuous spring in Murcia by train are the users of the line Madrid - Murcia, which have to pay an average of 37,56 € to travel by train the 350 Km between Madrid and Murcia.

If they do it in 35,33 € trains they will do the 350 Km in 5 hours, for only 35,33 €, leaving from the station in Madrid at 10:30 h and arriving at the station of Murcia del Carmen at 15:30 h.

However, in case of making those 350 Km on a Alsa train Madrid - Murcia, we will do in a time of 5 hours 20 minutes and for 63,65 €.

What no tourist should miss in Murcia, whether they come from more or less distant locations and the tickets cost a minimum price of 2,30 € or they rise to the maximum of 370,70 €, is the Cathedral of Murcia, whose baroque façade stands out as well as its high tower and the Chapel of Vélez.

In addition to the Cathedral, we can visit the Episcopal Palace, the churches of San Juan de Dios, San Nicolás and San Miguel, the City Hall, the Romea Theatre, the Casino, the Francisco Salzillo Museum, the Molinos del Río-Caballerizas, the Archaeological Museum, the Science Museum, the Ramón Gaya Museum, the Monastery Santa Clara la Real, the Sacred Art Museum of the Cathedral, the City Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

For 2,30 € we will travel to Murcia del Carmen on a Media Distancia train that makes the route to Murcia in one of the stipulated schedules in the tarde, if possible a train that leaves us in Murcia at 19:46 h, as it is the cheapest arrival time for the trains that leave us in Murcia. It is the case of the travels by Media Distancia train from Orihuela to Murcia.

The maximum price that we allow on our website for trains to Murcia is 370,70 €, and we will approach this price, which is still not really expensive, if we travel to Murcia on a train of the Multiples type, in the mañana time slot, especially if we make the arrival to Murcia at 19:45 h. It would be the case of a trip Montpellier - Murcia.

The majority of tourists travelling to Murcia practice to a greater or lesser extent gastro-tourism and wine tourism, as the area of?Murcia is very appropriate for this, thanks to its wines and vineyards.


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