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Travel in Spain
The Spanish Government has established the following guidelines for all trips by public transport, including the train:
  • Avoid rush hours
  • Use a mask, also at stations and stops
  • Make as far as possible only essential movements
  • Try to maintain social distance
Before departure
  • Always wear a mask when traveling. Its use is mandatory.
  • Make sure you get to the station in plenty of time. It is recommended to arrive 30 minutes in advance.
  • Check that the maximum weight of your luggage does not exceed 25 kilos.
  • Travel responsibly: do not travel if you have symptoms compatible with the disease.
At the station
  • Pay attention to signage, public address announcements and staff instructions.
  • Access to the boarding area can only be made within the hour before the train departs . If you arrive with more time, you can wait in the station lobby.
  • On June 1, the boarding process (check-in) will be brought forward and it will close 5 minutes before the train departs .
  • Boarding will be carried out in an organized manner, with preferential access for the elderly, families, people traveling with children or with baby carriages and people with reduced mobility.
  • The safety distance will be ensured by lettering or markings on the ground and issuing reminder messages .
On board
  • At all times, keep the recommended hygiene rules and respect the safety distance from other travelers .
  • Avoid, if possible, talking to other travelers or on the phone.
  • When the train stops at the destination, remain seated in your seat until the passengers seated in the rows closest to the departure have disembarked.
General doubts
What documents do you have to take to travel by train?

You must bring the ticket printed or in digital format (if the operator allows it), in addition to the DNI or passport.

If you have benefited from a discount, you must present the accreditation of your discount card.

For greater convenience, you will also find your tickets in your Trenes.com account so you can print or download them whenever you want.

How many bags and luggage can I take when travelling by train?

The amount of luggage will depend on the type of train in which you make the journey. Whenever the operator allows it, we indicate it at the time of purchase.

We advise you, in case of doubt, to contact us by email at info@trenes.com or contact form before making the purchase and we will answer your query.

You must bear in mind that each passenger must be responsible for the custody of their luggage and must place the luggage and suitcases in the places provided for it.

Trenes.com and the railway operator will not be responsible for any incidence, theft, loss or damage caused to the luggage that may be suffered due to poor handling, placement or content of the suitcase.

What payment methods are available on Trenes.com?

Trenes.com has three forms of payment to reserve, buy and finally pay for your train tickets: Debit or credit card, American Express and Online bank transfer (Sofort).

What kind of trains can you book on Trenes.com?

On Trenes.com you can book and buy all kinds of medium and long-distance train tickets, as well as high-speed trains and international trains, however you will not be able to buy local train tickets.

What happens if I can't find the train ticket?

You can consult in your private area of Trenes.com "My account", all the reservations made, to be able to print or download them again or directly in the reservation confirmation email. In case of difficulty, contact our customer service in advance: info@trenes.com

Can I change or cancel a train reservation?

Train tickets issued on Trenes.com can only be managed through our agency and in the only case that the fare you have chosen at the time of purchase allows it.

You can request Cancellations and changes from your customer control panel, remember that only tickets whose fare allows it can be canceled or changed up to a maximum of 50 minutes before the departure of the train according to the conditions of the chosen rate. You can carry out the procedures by entering "My account" or through the confirmation email of your reservation.

Tickets and Prices
How can I buy train tickets on Trenes.com?

To buy train tickets with Trenes.com is very simple:

  1. Select the type of journey you want to make: one way or round trip.
  2. Enter the origin and destination stations.
  3. Indicate the date(s) on which you wish to travel.
  4. In the passenger bar, select the passengers that travel.
  5. Finally press the Search button.

Our automatic system will give you the cheapest results and you can also check the time availability and select a rate according to your needs.

Once you have chosen the train, you will have the possibility to add accessories to your trip (seat selection, pet, flexibility in changes and cancellations, etc…), then you must fill in the details of your reservation.

Trenes.com offers you the possibility, in the event that your fare does not allow changes or cancellations, to choose travel insurance from the insurance company AXA Seguros, in order to cover the amount of your tickets in the event of be able to travel in the event of a mishap or problem to make your trip (You must provide the insurance company with the necessary documentation to demonstrate that you have not been able to travel for a justified reason contemplated in the insurance conditions).

It is very important that you correctly enter the email where you want to receive the tickets and the passenger data correctly as it appears on the national identity document or passport.

You will then be able to view a summary of the selected route, so that you can

Before making the payment, remember to check that all the information for your chosen trip is correct.

We recommend you review the "general conditions" before pressing the Pay button.

Finally, you can comfortably complete the purchase of your tickets by choosing your favorite payment method.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an email with the tickets attached. It is very important that you check your email, to confirm the correct reception of the tickets, if it is not in your inbox, remember to also check the Spam tray of your email.

When you have made your first purchase you will have access to your control panel on Trenes.com, where you will be able to see your tickets and invoices if you have requested them.

How far in advance should I arrive at the train station?

Thinking of all customers, in large stations and in all those with baggage scanners, it is advisable to go well in advance. To facilitate their access to the train, guaranteeing maximum security it is recommended to arrive 60 minutes before the control point that gives access to the train, the control point will be closed no later than 5 minutes before the departure of the train. train.

What happens if I can't find the train ticket?

You can consult in your private area of Trenes.com "My account", all the reservations made, to be able to print or download them again or directly in the reservation confirmation email. In case of difficulty, contact our customer service in advance: info@trenes.com

Can I select the seats?

Some operators do offer the option of selecting the seat through the possibility of adding the seat selection complement by paying the corresponding amount.

However, if you do not wish to add the seat selection complement, the system is prepared to assign the seats consecutively, acquired in the same reservation. Therefore, passengers will travel in adjacent seats whenever availability allows, which is usually the case in the vast majority of cases.

Can you bring animals on the train?

Most operators do offer the option of traveling with your pet through the possibility of adding a supplement and paying the corresponding amount.

After entering the details of the passengers, in the trains that have this option, the possibility of acquiring the “Pet” complement will appear when you make your reservation.

Pets must always travel with their own pet ticket and not occupy a seat.

Remember that you can travel with your pet as long as:
  • In the case of small pets: dogs, cats, ferrets and non-poultry.
  • Do not weigh more than 10 kg
  • Always travel inside your cage or carrier, with a maximum size of 60x35x35 cm
  • Maximum 1 pet per person
  • Your ticket allows travel with your pet

Your pet must carry the vaccination card, and must not be a nuisance to other users.

Can bicycles and scooters be transported?

The conditions of transporting bicycles or scooters will depend on the type of train in which they make the journey.

That is why we advise you, if necessary, to contact us by email at info@trenes.com before making the buy your tickets indicating your query.

Trenes.com and the railway operator will not be responsible for any incidence, theft, loss or damage caused to luggage (bicycles or scooters, etc…) that may suffer due to poor handling or placement.

Can the large family discount be applied to the train reservation?

Yes, it is possible to apply the large family discount, however, before making the reservation, in order to apply the discount you must request it, always before making the purchase, through the email info@trenes.com indicating a telephone number of contact.

Changes and Cancellations
Is it necessary to bring the printed ticket?

In most cases it is not necessary, as long as the railway operator allows it, we will offer the ticket in digital format and you will receive it by email. In addition, you will always have your tickets available in your Trenes.com account.

Why buy with Trenes.com?

Trenes.com has its own algorithm that allows us to offer the best prices and fares on tickets according to the selected dates and times. We work with the main railway operators in the national and international market and we issue official tickets thanks to agreements with the railway companies.

In addition, our professional customer service team will offer you, in case you do not need it, the best personalized service.

We also offer companies and freelancers the possibility of making automated invoices so you can have them at any time.