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Trains Alicante

Cheap train tickets to Alicante

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Alicante 10,05 €
Trains Elda to Alicante 2,30 €
Trains Valencia to Alicante 4,80 €
Trains Barcelona to Alicante 14,00 €
Trains Albacete to Alicante 6,95 €
Trains Palencia to Alicante 43,60 €
Trains Cuenca to Alicante 10,95 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Alvia 07/03/2023
  • Renfe Regional 09/12/2022
  • Renfe Euromed 17/01/2023
  • Renfe Euromed 28/12/2022
  • Renfe AVE 15/12/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 03/01/2023
  • Renfe Alvia 07/01/2023
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Stations near of Alicante

  • Train Sant Gabriel
  • Train Torrellano
  • Train Elche
  • Train Novelda
  • Train Crevillent
  • Train Elda
  • Train Sax

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More information about trains Alicante

Alicante or Alacant in Valencian. Travel to Alicante by train and end your journey at the station of Alicante Terminal, located in Avenida Salamanca nº 1, from where we can take a bus, a taxi, rent a car or directly go to the nearest beach. The Alicante station has high-speed trains available AVE Alicante.

The train station of Alicante is open from 05.30am to 11.45pm and you can get your train trip to Alicante from 1,15 €.

The vast majority of passengers travelling by AVE to Alicante do it on the route Madrid - Alicante, and in this inexpensive and simple way, they begin as soon as possible and without incident their visit in Alicante, where you can enjoy the Park of Canalejas, the Esplanade of Spain, the Park El Palmeral, the Park of Ereta, the Mediterranean Sea, the Port, the Neighbourhood of Santa Cruz, the Cathedral of San Nicolás, the Park Juan Pablo II, Luceros Square, the neighbourhoods Virgen del Remedio and Virgen del Carmen and much more.

Amongst all the journeys to Alicante that can be done in our country, the cheapest train is the one for the route - Alicante, and the less inexpensive is the train - Alicante, being the cheapest price at 1,15 € and the less cheap at 548,60 €.

From 1,15 € and never for more than 548,60 €, you will enjoy a route of 359 Km in the case of the train Madrid - Alicante, of 2.1 Km in case you travel from the nearest town to Alicante, which is Sant Gabriel, or of 1,442.7 Km, in case you travel from the most distant point from where you can travel by train to Alicante, which is of 1,442.7 Km.

And so quickly, start enjoying the Castle of San Fernando, the Castle of Santa Bárbara, the Basilica de Santa María of Gothic, Rococo and Baroque style, the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás de Bari, the Monastery of Santa Faz of Baroque style, the Towers of Defense of Huerta de Alicante, the House of La Asegurada of Baroque style, the Convent of Canónigas de San Agustín, the Palace Gravina, the Palace Maisonnave-Municipal Archive and the Main Theatre of Alicante.

For the passenger it is cheaper to travel to Alicante on trains of the Regional type than on Multiples, and thus they save on the trip to Alicante and they can enjoy more and better of, for example, the Council House of Alicante, an interesting place as it is the reference point for measuring altitude above sea level throughout Spain and its style is Baroque.

After your trip on a cheap train to Alicante, you can visit Tabarca Island, the only island with inhabitants in the Valencian Community, because after spending only between 1,15 € and 548,60 € on our train trip to Alicante, we can afford to enjoy of more activities on our vacation.

If we make the train trip from to Alicante for 1,15 €, we will arrive in Alicante at 14:06 h, with the tranquillity and confidence that the trains give regarding their punctuality.

With the same tranquillity and punctuality we will arrive to Alicante at 22:59 h in the case of the trip - Alicante.

And the star route, the Madrid - Alicante, we have it for very low prices, between 10,05 € and 166,25 €, if we travel on a Alvia train whose departure is at 20:05 h, we will have 2 hours 49 minutes of travelling and all of this for only 10,05 €.

If we travel from Madrid to Alicante, on a AVE train departing at 22:54 h, the travelling time from Madrid to Alicante in these circumstances is of 2 hours 24 minutes, 2 hours 24 minutes of tranquillity and speed.

In any case you choose how you want your trip to be from Madrid to Alicante, the distance between the two locations is of 359 Km, you decide on how to spend those 359 Km, we will give you the first cheaper options and you will tailor your train tickets to Alicante.


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