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AVE Alicante

Cheap AVE Alicante tickets

Route Price
AVE Madrid to Alicante 20,75 €
AVE Albacete to Alicante 8,70 €
AVE Cuenca to Alicante 11,50 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe AVE 18/10/2022
  • Renfe AVE 22/10/2022
  • Renfe AVE 08/11/2022
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More information about AVE Alicante

Now you can buy the cheapest tickets AVE Alicante, we have the most incredible offers for AVE tickets to Alicante, from just 8,15 euros.

At high speed, we will reach the station of Alicante in Avda. Salamanca, 1 and near to it, we find bus service, cultural activities, accommodations, beaches, car rental companies and tourist information points. Its official name is Alacant-Terminal.

In it we also find different shops, leisure and other services.

The AVE service in Alicante is relatively recent, although its reception among users has been highly satisfactory, gradually increasing the number of people booking their AVE Alicante tickets to travel through the Corredor de Levante. In fact, there have already been sold more than 2,000,000 AVE tickets to Alicante, and every day an average of 7,100 tickets AVE Alicante Madrid are sold, the most demanded route with origin or destination Alicante. The average occupancy of this line also shows very positive data since it stands at 80% and in summer it reaches the 98%.

The time of travel between the capital and Alicante takes a little bit more than two hours, the average is two and a half hours and there are 11 AVE trains for the Madrid Alicante route every day

Maybe it is like this because the Costa Blanca is a highly requested tourist destination, especially among people in Madrid, who choose to go to the beaches in Costa Blanca as a holiday destination because of its proximity, whether for short stays and short breaks or for a long vacation. After the people from Madrid, we have the people from Andalucía as the most frequent tourists in Alicante.

With the arrival of the AVE to Alicante and our cheap AVE Alicante tickets, even more tourists choose Alicante as a holiday destination and in this way, they forget about traffic jams, delays, etc.

The historic centre of Alicante has got many attractions, wonderful beaches, a fine gastronomy and a beautiful harbour. In Alicante you can sense a mixture between tradition and modernity.

One of its most emblematic places is its harbour, with a pavement in different colours and created with marble that evokes the sea and its 4 rows of palm trees. On the harbour we can see the Castle of Santa Bárbara in front of the beach Postiguet, a beach which is located in the city, next to the Paseo de la Explanada and the Paseo de Gómiz, Paseo de Gómiz is rather curious since the distribution of the cement floor gives a 3D effect.

Enjoy travelling by AVE to Alicante, go for a walk through the city and discover the Town Hall, a Baroque palace with its Chapel of the Virgin, as well as the Cathedral-Church of San Nicolás de Bari, a Renaissance-Herrerian building, called National Monument that contains the Chapel of Communion, which is considered one of the most admirable Baroque chapels in our country.

If we walk along the Llauradors Street, we can contemplate a lot of civil buildings.

In addition to the beaches and the diverse architecture, travelling with our AVE tickets to Alicante also allows us to visit several squares and parks, among which we could highlight the Canalejas Park, one of the busiest areas of Alicante, near the sea and full of ficus Centenarians that shade the path on the hottest days, which makes this park a great option for a summer walk.

If we like to see the city from above, we will visit La Ereta Park and contemplate the Cathedral of San Nicolás, the sea and the port, and near this park we have the Barrio de Santa Cruz.

One of its most known squares is the Plaza de los Luceros, in the heart of Alicante, where the "mascletás" are celebrated each year.

Whether you go to the famous "Fallas" or to rest on the beaches, the best way to get to Alicante is through our AVE tickets to Alicante.

More about the AVE Alicante

The AVE station in Alicante is called Alicante - Terminal and Alacant - Terminal in Catalan from Valencia and it is the main station of this city. It offers services of Long and Medium Distance as well as of Commuter. The station was built in 1858 but after several renovations its appearance has changed a lot, mainly the main facade. It is located near the centre in front of Avenida Salamanca.

Alicante Terminal

Alicante is a destination which is highly desired by different type of tourism, but especially for those who want to enjoy the beach and the good weather in a beautiful place.

Alicante station is a terminal station that offers services of Long and Medium Distance. In 2013, the AVE services at this station were inaugurated. It is located on Avenida Salamanca and it is also very close to the bus station. Since it was inaugurated, the number of passengers has been growing remarkably.

One of the reasons for this growth could be that the Costa Blanca attracts many people, and citizens in Madrid only have to travel about two and a half hours in this fast means of transport to enjoy a good holiday in Alicante and its beaches.

In Alicante you can enjoy, apart from the beaches, its port, a place that is very emblematic for the colours evoked by the marble floor. If you see it, you will see that it looks like the sea and its palm trees.

AVE Alicante playa

You can also visit its religious architecture, such as the Church-Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari or simply stroll through the city, a city that includes modernity and tradition in its streets.


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