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Offers on High Speed tickets

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Offers on train tickets High Speed

Timetables Girona to Barcelona
Timetables Lleida to Barcelona
Timetables Figueres to Barcelona
Timetables Córdoba to Seville
Timetables Valencia to Seville
Timetables Lleida to Seville
Timetables Barcelona to Málaga
Timetables Córdoba to Málaga
Timetables Lleida to Málaga
Timetables Tarragona to Málaga
Timetables Barcelona to Córdoba
Timetables Valencia to Córdoba
Timetables Lleida to Córdoba
Timetables Madrid to Valencia
Timetables Castellón to Valencia
Timetables Seville to Valencia
Timetables Córdoba to Valencia
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The best route is the one with the least emissions

For you and for the planet:
traveling by train is the way to travel.

The European Environment Agency states that the train has the lowest emissions per kilometer and passenger compared to aviation and road transport.

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