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Trains Valladolid

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Trains Valladolid

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Spanish city and capital of the province that bears the same name, it is the seat of the court and the board of the autonomous community of Castilla y León. Its train station is Valladolid-Campo Grande, also known as the north station, which is located near the Plaza de Colón and Campo Grande Park.

The climate of the city is characterized by a cold winter that usually elongates and a very hot summer, hence the Castilian saying that characterizes it and says "nine months of winter and three of hell". But this should not draw us back when it comes to know all that it can offer us. Alta Velocidad Valladolid.

Valladolid was the capital of the Spanish Empire between 1601 and 1607. In this city, the Catholic Monarchs got married and Felipe II was born, for example, hence the many places to visit. One of these places is the Plaza Mayor in Valladolid which is one of the largest squares in Spain, formerly known as Plaza del Mercado (Market) because it was used for this purpose, is the nerve centre of the city.

In our website you can find the cheapest train tickets to travel and get to know this important city in Spanish history. Book now your train trip from Cabezón de Pisuerga and for a price of 2,10 € get to know the city in which Christopher Columbus died, the city in which Magallanes signed its capitulations to give the first round-the-world. Get some days off and get to know Valladolid by train with tickets from 2,10 € the cheapest ones, to 252,20 €, always with the cheapest rates for your Valladolid train travel. The cheapest route to travel to Valladolid from Cabezón de Pisuerga to the station of Valladolid-Campo Grande, this route has tickets for a price from 2,10 € if you want to travel on a train of the PROXIMDAD type that arrives at 7:58 h. The cheapest trip to Valladolid is the one that leaves from Paris, this route Paris - Valladolid is on a train of the Multiples type and reaches the station at 19:03 h.

It is cheaper to travel to Valladolid during the time slot in the mañana because tickets are more affordable and have a lower price than if you travel in the mañana. On the other hand, the first train to arrive at the station of Valladolid-Campo Grande every morning comes from La Coruña and arrives at 0:30 h, whereas the last train arrives at the station at 23:59 h from the locality of Vigo.

Go for it and visit the Cathedral of Valladolid, popularly known as the "Inconclusa" (unfinished) because it was never finished due to economic problems, the beautiful fassade of the Church of San Pablo, the Plaza de Cristóbal Colón or the Palace of Villena. Walk along its streets and history by buying a train ticket on our website from the incredible price of 2,10 €. Whether you come from Cabezón de Pisuerga or from Paris, you will not find cheaper train tickets than those on our website. The most travelled route is the one that covers the 161 Km that separate Madrid from Valladolid. For this route you will find tickets from 13,45 € if you travel on a train of the Intercity type. This trip has a duration of 1 hour 4 minutes reaching Estación de Valladolid-Campo Grande at 9:47 h. The less affordable tickets for this route Madrid - Valladolid can cost 102,85 € at most if you travel on Alta Velocidad, in this case, the $distanciaTrenRutaMasTransitadawhich separate Madrid from Valladolid are travelled in 58 minutes.

Travelling by train is the most comfortable and inexpensive way to travel the 974.6 Km that separate Paris from Valladolid. Book now your train ticket on our website and visit the old capital of the Spanish Empire from 2,10 €. The rail access to Valladolid is as simple as it can be in any other big city. It is also one of those places of interest because of its vast culture and innumerable architectural attractions. If you want to know Valladolid, do it! It is easy since the moment you decide to enjoy the best options with trains to Valladolid. Certainly, it might be possible to get to know the main places such as bridges, parks, gardens and statuary, the main square, the cathedral, the big field and much more. All this is designed so that travellers want to enjoy the best options. The trains to Valladolid are designed to enjoy some of the best related proposals that we will discover. In any case it will be very interesting. The train station in Valladolid

The trains to Valladolid make this town one of the best connected. Its station offers rail services of medium distance, long distance, suburban and high speed. There are two coffee-bars as well as a book store, advance sale service and many other complementary features. If we are taking into account some of the best proposals, it is possible to discover all this which is related to get a wide range of related resources. If you prefer to get one of the best elections, they will have been implemented from the moment you want to enjoy unique services. Train lines to Valladolid

Rail services to Valladolid are made up of long distance trains, medium distance and suburban trains. Travellers will find a wide range of resources that are designed to enjoy different combinations: High speed: High speed includes the rail crossings Segovia-Valladolid-Madrid.

Medium distance: The diverse routes that we find in this category are numerous and they join particularly the cities of Castilla, Cantabria and Euskadi. Other locations such as Madrid are also commonly known. If we want to have access to each and every one of the proposals of this type, we will find them easily defined.

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