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Trains Tarragona

Cheap train tickets to Tarragona

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Tarragona 5,00 €
Trains Barcelona to Tarragona 4,05 €
Trains Zaragoza to Tarragona 5,00 €
Trains Pamplona to Tarragona 14,80 €
Trains Seville to Tarragona 31,60 €
Trains Zumarraga to Tarragona 36,15 €
Trains Valencia to Tarragona 12,65 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Avlo 26/07/2022
  • Renfe AVE 17/11/2022
  • Renfe Avlo 17/07/2022
  • Renfe Intercity 05/07/2022
  • Renfe AVE 07/08/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 03/08/2022
  • Renfe Euromed 13/09/2022
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More information about trains Tarragona

Tarragona, a city that is cheap for the tourist and that has very good connections by train with other cities of our country. AVE Tarragona.

The nearest connection is Vilaseca - Tarragona at 7.8 Km of distance between them, and the farthest connection is the route Paris - Tarragona, in this case, at 864.5 Km of distance.

Tarragona has received many awards regarding its cultural heritage, its archaeological remains are a World Heritage Site, The Monastery of Poblet is also a World Heritage Site and the city of Tarragona is a "Bien de Interés Cultural" (it means Good of Cultural Interest which is a category of the heritage register in Spain).

Going back in time to the ancient Tarraco, one of the largest early Christian necropolis is still preserved and it remains to this day.

This city still has remains of its Roman theatre and circus, as well as its Roman walls.

It also preserves the Cathedral of Santa María, the arcades of the street Mercería.

Going back in time to the ancient Tarraco, in Tarragona, they still preserve one of the biggest monuments and also, as well as an important part of Catalonia, it has modernist buildings, such as the Casa Ripoll, the Mercado Central and the Chapel Colegio Jesús i María.

Tarragona is the capital of the Costa Dorada or Costa Daurada, which has a magnificent tourist attraction, with such famous areas as Cambrils, Salou, San Carlos de la Ràpita, La Pineda, Vila Seca, Calafell, Torredembarra, el Delta del Ebro or Altafulla.

So many tourists who travel by train to Tarragona, if they do on our website, they will see that our prices are between 1,50 € and 353,90 €, they seize the opportunity to travel in cheap trains to Tarragona to enjoy the rest of the Costa Dorada.

If we want, as it might be, to travel by train to Tarragona in the cheapest way possible, we must know certain details, such as that the trains Multiples are less affordable than the trains Regional, and that leaving towards Tarragona by train is less inexpensive in the noche than in the tarde and that in particular, to reach Tarragona on a train that enters the train station in Tarragona at 15:21 h is the cheapest time to arrive at Tarragona station by train and at 13:20 h is the less inexpensive arrival time in Tarragona.

On these basis, we will get the train tickets to Tarragona for 1,50 €. Among all the routes, the cheapest one to the passenger is the Altafulla - Tarragona, especially if we follow the previous guidelines, to travel in one of the trains Regional to Tarragona, to do it in the tarde and to arrive, if possible, exactly at 15:21 h at the station of Tarragona.

Tarragona is adapted to multiple types of tourism: family, leisure, sports, cultural, oenological, etc. It is a good destination for the whole family and for all ages.

If we travel from Paris on a Multiples train and we arrive at the station in Tarragona at 13:20 h, the price for our journey by train Paris - Tarragona, will cost 353,90 €.

Most visitors who don't want to miss the Roman ruins and the beaches of Tarragona, travel on the trains Madrid - Tarragona, and they do paying between 5,00 € and 189,05 €, if in your case you also want to make the route Madrid - Tarragona and you want to do it cheaper, use our search engine and travel on the Avlo trains, which are cheaper on their routes than the AVE trains. Start the trip from the station of Madrid at 19:30 h and for 5,00 € you will do the 424 Km of this route on the trains Madrid - Tarragona in 2 hours 38 minutes, and the train leaves you at the station in Tarragona at 22:08 h, with the characteristic punctuality of the trains of our country, that guarantee us punctuality and speed.

If that schedule doesn't fit, remember that it is better to travel in the tarde time slot and on trains of the Avlo type for the route Madrid - Tarragona, thus you won't have to pay the maximum amount allowed in this case on our website for this route, which is of 189,05 €.


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