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Trains Salamanca

Cheap train tickets to Salamanca

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Salamanca 7,60 €
Trains Valladolid to Salamanca 6,00 €
Trains Saint Sebastian to Salamanca 41,67 €
Trains Peñaranda de Bracamonte to Salamanca 5,25 €
Trains Medina Del Campo to Salamanca 6,30 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Alvia 20/08/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 18/08/2022
  • Alsa Alsa 12/08/2022
  • Renfe Media Distancia 12/08/2022
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 12/08/2022
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Stations near of Salamanca

  • Train Moriscos
  • Train Gomecello
  • Train Pitiegua
  • Train El Pedroso De La Armuña
  • Train Peñaranda de Bracamonte
  • Train Cantalapiedra
  • Train Fresno El Viejo

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More information about trains Salamanca

In the central western part of the Iberian Peninsula in the north plateau is located Salamanca. This Spanish city is capital of the namesake province and belongs to the autonomous community of Castilla y León. In 1988 its old town was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The climate in Salamanca is es semiarid with high temperatures in summer and low in winter.

A good way to get to know Salamanca is travelling by train to this city in Castilla y León. On you can find tickets to Madrid from only 1,30 € for the cheapest ones up to 227,40 € for the less affordable tickets. From here we recommend you always to travel during the time slot in the mañana if you can, because tickets in this time slot are more affordable than if you travel in the mañana.

The train station of the city of Salamanca is in Paseo de la Estación and it was inaugurated in 1877 with the opening of the stretch Medina del Campo Salamanca. This station offers medium distance and long distance services to all passengers. In 2001, this station was reopened very modernized and it is on the outskirts of the city at about 15 minutes away from the city centre. This station receives every day its first train at 0:57 h which comes from the locality of Algeciras, whereas at 23:46 h it stops the last train of the day that comes from Medina Del Campo.

A good way to start visiting Salamanca is to do it from the Plaza Mayor, where you can see the City Hall. From there you can go to Plaza del Corrillo where you will find the Church of San Martín and very close to this church there is La Rúa, one of the most famous streets of Salamanca and that will bring us closer to the New Cathedral since the city of Salamanca has two cathedrals. In the same square where we find the new Cathedral there is also the Palace of Anaya. There you will also find the Old Cathedral of the city.

The cheapest route to travel to Salamanca by train is the one that leaves from the locality of Moriscos on a train of the REG.EXP. type and that arrives at the station in Salamanca at 9:11 h, for this route you can find tickets on our website from 1,30 €. Nonetheless, the route Paris Salamanca is the one with the least affordable tickets, for a maximum price of 227,40 € if we travel on a train of the Multiples type that arrives at the destination station at 20:27 h.

Near the two cathedrals of Salamanca we can find the Patio Chico, a monumental complex of singular beauty. Then we can go for a walk to the Garden of Calisto and Melibea. Another zone that is recommended to visit is the University of Salamanca. This city is metaphorically invaded by university students during the months of the academic year. The façade of the building, seat of the University of Salamanca, was completed in the sixteenth century. We can finish the tour in Plaza Mayor again, where we will find the typical bars and restaurants where we can have a break and recover the energy.

The railway route Madrid Salamanca is the one that carries the most passengers to the station of Salamanca. For this route of 175 Km, the train tickets have an average price of 22,38 €.

The cheapest tickets have a price of 7,60 €, this alternative will be obtained by travelling on a train of the Alvia type that leaves from Madrid at 8:50 h and reaches the destination station at 10:31 h, taking 1 hour 41 minutes to travel the 175 Km in this route.

If you prefer to do this route on a train of the Alvia type that takes 1 hour 41 minutes to travel the 175 Km that separates both cities, you have to know that the ticket will cost a little bit more, for a maximum price of 42,10 €.


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