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Train Rome Verona

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Train Rome Verona

26 - 59 years
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How is the trip Rome - Verona in Train?


The cheapest (from average) schedule

7:25 h


The cheapest day (on average)


Distance 4828 Km
Average length 4 hours 1 minute
Average speed 1,200.2 km/h
Price of the cheapest ticket 37,80 €
Average ticket price 88,63 €
Price of the expensive ticket 268,80 €
Scales Between 0 And 1
Average daily trains 7
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Cheap train tickets Rome to Verona

Roma (Rome)
From 37,80 €
Roma (Rome)
From 39,90 €
Roma (Rome)
From 39,90 €
Roma (Rome)
From 44,90 €
Roma (Rome)
From 48,90 €
Roma (Rome)
From 54,80 €

Trains from Rome to Verona, stations, prices and schedules

Among the different classes in which we can travel the 4828 Km we have ahead between Rome and Verona, the cheapest one is in 189-30005 class, having its opposite in 1019-30000 class. Book in advance and for ida your train tickets Rome - Verona. Succumb to travel by train with train tickets Rome - Verona for 88,63 €. The train timetables for trains from Rome to Verona on Train Timetables Rome to Verona.

If possible, evade the departures in the night and opt for the departures in the night. In particular, the best time to start the departure from Roma (Rome) for our passenger's pockets is the one at 22:35 h and the worst for our pockets is the one at 22:35 h. With the cheapest time, we will arrive in Verona at 6:50 h and wit the less inexpensive, we will do at 6:50 h. Get lost in the essence of the trip, doing it by train.

Among the trains that make the route Rome - Verona, the Multiples train is the cheapest of them all, and the Multiples train the less cheap. The cheapest train passages Rome - Verona are in our hands.

As we can see, if we are open to these different possibilities, the price of train tickets Rome - Verona is only of 37,80 €, and for this price we will make the trip Rome - Verona in 8 hours 15 minutes. It is not only cheap to travel by train from Rome to Verona, it is also very easy to travel by train.

Talking about train travel times to cover the 4828 Km of route from Rome to Verona, the fastest possible is in 3 hours 13 minutes, if we choose to travel in AGV trains, to depart at 12:25 h and to arrive at 15:38 h. Always looking for the cheapest alternatives? Well, in the case of train travel, we have very cheap train tickets Rome - Verona!

However, wit the Multiples trains, the journey expands its time to 10 hours 33 minutes, as well as if we depart at 23:55 h and we arrive at 10:28 h. In this instance, the price for the train tickets Rome - Verona will be about 58,80 €. If you think that the money you have to travel from Rome to Verona is little, it means that you do not know our cheap train seats Rome - Verona!

Travel to Verona by train

If I buy train tickets from Rome to Verona, do I have to print the tickets?

It is not necessary, we will send you the tickets both to your email and to your mobile phone so that you can travel without problems just by showing your mobile phone. We recommend, if you have the possibility to print them, that you do so in case you have problems with the coverage or with the battery of your mobile phone.

What is the price of the trains from Rome to Verona?

Train prices from Rome to Verona can vary greatly, from 37,80 € to 268,80 € . The most important thing, if you are looking for the cheapest ticket, is that you buy it as far in advance as possible , this way you will get the best offers and prices. The price also changes depending on the rate or the class and schedule you choose.

How far in advance do I have to be at the Rome station?

Normally we recommend that you be at the train station 30 minutes before the train's departure to go with tranquility and comfort.

Is there a direct train from Rome to Verona or will I have to change?

There are direct trains from Rome to Verona, so normally you will not need to change on your journey. You can go from Rome to Verona by train directly without getting off the train or changing stations.

What is the duration of the train trip from Rome to Verona?

The duration of the train journey between Rome and Verona will depend on its stops. Normally the average duration of the trip is 4 hours 1 minute , there is usually not much time difference between trains, it will depend on the stops you have to make in other stations.

Can I change or cancel my train tickets from Rome to Verona?

There are two options, there are tickets that, if they allow changes and cancellations and others do not, these are usually cheaper. It is very important that you choose the rate that suits you best at the time of purchase.

How fast do trains travel from Rome to Verona?

Trains going from Rome to Verona travel at an average speed of 1,200.2 km/h, although at times they can reach much higher maximum speeds.

How far does the train travel from Rome to Verona?

Trains traveling from Rome to Verona cover a distance of approximately 4828 Km and the average duration of the train journey is 4 hours 1 minute.

When does the first train depart from Rome to Verona?

Normally, the first train leaves Rome at 6:45 h and arrives at Verona at 6:50 h. The schedule for the first train may change for holidays or weekends.

When is the last train from Rome to Verona?

Normally, the last train that can be taken leaves from Rome at 23:55 h and arrives at Verona at 22:38 h . The last train schedule may change for holidays or weekends.

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Train Rome to Verona 37,80 €
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Train Rome Verona

We bustle with satisfaction every time that a customer gets the best price for his or her train tickets Rome - Verona. Travelling smoothly to Verona and at the same time without spending a lot of money is possible if we start doing it by train, which offers us comfort and punctuality, and we also give you only the best prices for your train tickets Rome Verona. We have the best tool to locate and to book online the cheapest train tickets Rome - Verona. Trains Verona with Multiples for only 37,80 €.

Thanks to our experience, we can give you information that will make the price of your train tickets Rome Verona to be only 37,80 €, or 268,80 € at most. If you have already used our search engine you will have seen that the average price of train tickets Rome - Verona is of 88,63 €. The average price for your seat on the train that takes you to Verona is of 88,63 €. Also for the return, Trains Verona to Rome.

In order to get a price between 37,80 € and 88,63 € when you book your train tickets Rome Verona, use our search engine and keep in mind the following tips we provide:

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The cheapest train ticket Rome to Verona

The search for the train ticket from Rome to Verona with the cheapest price was made on the a las h, it is a Multiples train with departure on the 13/06/2023 a las 22:35 h and arrival on the 14/06/2023 a las 6:50 h. The price of the cheapest ticket has been 37,80 € and the cheapest rate with which this price has been possible has been the rate Múltiples .