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Trains León

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In the north west area of the Iberian Peninsula lies the city of León, capital of the autonomous community of Castilla y León and of the province that has the same name. Its climate is Mediterranean with fresh summers due to its proximity to the Cantabrian Mountains. The city is flanked by the Torío and the Bernesga rivers. The Lion station has high-speed trains available Alta Velocidad Lion.

The best way to get to know all what León has to offer is to travel there by train, a quick, comfortable and cheap way to get to the capital of Castilla y León. In our search engine you will find train tickets to León from only 1,25 € for the cheapest tickets. It is useful to know, if you are going to travel by train, that usually the train tickets to travel in the mañana are cheaper than the passages to travel in the mañana.

The train station of León is in Calle Astorga and it is also know as the "Estación del Norte" . This "Estación del Norte" receives every day its first train at 0:15 h which comes from the locality of La Coruña, whereas at 23:57 h it stops the last train of the day that comes from the municipality of Vigo. Book now your train tickets on our webpage, whether you come from Quintana de Raneros or you have to travel from Paris, you will find passages from 1,25 € to 394,90 € at most. A good way to start the visit to the city is from the train station, so we will go to the old town of León first of all. Our first stop will be in the Church of Nuestra Señora del Camino or the Church del Mercado, next to the church we find the Plaza del Grano, located in the neighbourhood of San Martín and where the market stalls were installed in ancient times. Afterwards, a good alternative is to go through the Barrio Húmedo on the way to the Cathedral of León, where we can stop to build up our batteries, since it is the ideal area of the city to have some "tapas" and some wine.

The most economical rail route to travel to León is the one that leaves from Palanquinos, for this route we can find tickets for only 1,25 € if we travel on a Regional train that arrives at the destination station at 9:27 h. In contrast is the route Lyon - León, in which we find the less affordable tickets. For this route we will never have a ticket for a higher price than 394,90 € if we travel on a train of the Multiples type that reaches the "Estación del Norte" at 20:46 h.

On our path towards the cathedral we can visit the Church of San Martín, continue to the Plaza Mayor where we can see the old Town Hall of León and one step away from there we arrive to our expected place, the Cathedral of León. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain, it was built between the thirteenth and the fifteenth centuries and it is of French Gothic style. The cathedral is located in Plaza de la Regla and it can not be missed by any traveller who set foot in the capital of the region of Castilla y León.

The train route that carries more passengers to León is the one that travels the 288 Km of distance between Madrid and the "Estación del Norte" . The average price for the ticket for this route is of 49,97 €. If we want to do this route as cheaply as possible we will have to travel on a train of the Intercity type that departs from Madrid at 18:25 h and that arrives at the station of destination at 20:44 h. The train takes 2 hours 19 minutes to travel the 288 Km between both localities, for this option, we can buy train tickets for a price of 13,10 €.

If we prefer to do the route Madrid - León travelling on a train of the Alta Velocidad type that takes 2 hours 1 minute to travel the 288 Km of route, we need to know that this is the less affordable ticket, but its price will never exceed the 142,85 €.

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