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Trains Granada

Cheap train tickets to Granada

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Granada 23,49 €
Trains Barcelona to Granada 24,95 €
Trains Seville to Granada 27,80 €
Trains Córdoba to Granada 10,80 €
Trains Valencia to Granada 46,87 €
Trains Tarragona to Granada 55,50 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Alsa Alsa 10/12/2022
  • Renfe AVE 11/01/2023
  • Alsa Alsa 10/12/2022
  • Renfe AVE 29/12/2022
  • Alsa Alsa 16/12/2022
  • Renfe AVE 14/12/2022
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  • Train Moreda
  • Train Benalúa de Guadix
  • Train Guadix
  • Train Loja San Francisco
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  • Train Fiñana

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More information about trains Granada

Considering that the city of Granada has been declared a World Heritage Site since 1984, we can get an idea of?the tourist potential of this andalusian city.

It's a city in which you can visit the most important attractions in three hours, so it's ideal for short breaks, but in which you can also spend several weeks if you wish, so it is also a perfect destination for longer vacations.

By all means, you have to visit the Alhambra, anyone who travels to Granada must visit it, and it is not in vain that it is at European level, one of the most visited places, but consider the multitude of people who want to visit the Alhambra, therefore, book your ticket and your Granada train tickets always in advance if possible, and you will surely reduce the amount of your train trip to Granada. The Granada station has high-speed trains available AVE Granada.

On you have your train passages to Granada waiting for you for prices between 3,80 € and 340,40 €, whether you book in advance or not, or whether you travel from the nearest place which is Iznalloz at 24.6 Km of distance, or from the farthest one, which is Paris, at 1,384.6 Km of distance.

Other places of cultural value are the Archives Museum San Juan de Dios en la Casa de los Pisa, the Casa de Mariana Pineda, the Casa Museo Manuel de Falla, the Interpretation Centre el Agua, the Museum José Guerrero, the Foundation Rodríguez-Acosta Museo Gómez Moreno, the Huerta de San Vicente and the Museum of the house of Federico García Lorca, the Museum Ángel Barrios, the Museum Cuevas del Sacromonte, the Museum Bellas Artes de Granada, the Science Museum of the Institute Padre Suárez, the Abbey of Sacromonte, the Alcazaba, the Royal Baths in the Palace of Comares, the Arab baths of Bañuelo, the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Las Angustias, the Royal Chapel, the Casa del Padre Suárez, the Cathedral of Granada, the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena or the Museum Max Moreau in the neighbourhood of Albaicín.

And we would still have more to see in Granada, so take advantage of the comfort of buying your train travel online to Granada, so you will arrive at the train station of Granada in Avenida de los Andaluces on time and without mishaps or traffic jams. It's a very well connected station, with taxi rank at the door, a cafeteria and parking areas. At this station arrive trains from 0:30 h to 23:30 h, the one at 0:30 h is a Albacete Granada train and the one at 23:30 h is a Paris Granada train.

From the numerous arrivals to Granada station, the cheapest route is the one by the Granada trains and the less cheap is the Béziers Granada train, but never forget that 340,40 € will always be the maximum price to pay for the trains to Granada.

For 340,40 € we have journeys on Multiples trains that travel along the rails until they arrive at the train station of Granada mañana.

And for 3,80 € we have routes on the trains of the Avant type that travel mañana.

The most requested route by tourists who travel by train to Granada corresponds to the train line Madrid Granada, with 359 Km of distance. For this specific case, it is better to choose to travel on Alsa trains that depart from the train station from Madrid at 17:30 h and that arrive at the train station in Granada at 22:30 h, it will be as easy to pay 23,49 € for your train ticket Madrid Granada.

In Granada, besides cheap trips by train, we will find several viewpoints from which we will be able to contemplate this beautiful city, such as the Mirador de Granada, the Mirador de Los Carvajales, the Mirador de San Cristóbal, or the highest of them all, Mirador de San Miguel Alto.


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