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Trains Burgos

Cheap train tickets to Burgos

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Burgos 18,00 €
Trains Barcelona to Burgos 19,35 €
Trains Valladolid to Burgos 6,25 €
Trains Tarragona to Burgos 43,60 €
Trains Palencia to Burgos 7,60 €
Trains Zaragoza to Burgos 19,15 €
Trains Bilbao to Burgos 12,20 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Alvia 23/07/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 04/09/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 20/07/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 09/07/2022
  • Renfe Media Distancia 20/07/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 15/07/2022
  • Renfe Alvia 09/07/2022
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Stations near of Burgos

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  • Train Briviesca
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  • Train Quintana Del Puente
  • Train Osorno
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More information about trains Burgos

Visit the impressive Cathedral of Burgos by train, do it at the cheapest possible price, and we assure you that you will not regret your trip to Burgos, because you will be doing it with the best conditions and amenities, without investing too much in your train trip to Burgos.

The station at which we will stop in our trip to Burgos is in the Avenida Príncipes de Asturias s/n, north of Burgos, near the neighbourhood of Villimar, only 5 kilometres from the historical centre of Burgos, the station has cafeteria, baggage carts, restaurant, toilets, post office, car and bicycle rental and various services adapted to people with disabilities.

It was officially inaugurated on December 12, 2008 and its official name is Estación de Burgos Rosa de Lima, it is an accessible, functional and modern train station, it has 5 railway tracks, and those who use them the most are the passengers of the route Madrid - Burgos, since the largest amount of passengers that go to the station of Burgos Rosa de Lima come from Madrid, and they get very cheap train tickets to Burgos, from 18,00 €, and for 90,65 € at most.

If it's your case, and you also want to travel cheap from Madrid to Burgos by train, follow the following recommendations:

Book one of the train trips departing from Madrid at 17:38 h, and that the trip is on a Alvia train. So in 1 hour 54 minutes you will cover the 217 Km of distance that has this route and for only 18,00 €.

You will approach or equalize the maximum price of 90,65 € by choosing a trip on a AVE train and doing the trip in the noche schedule.

The route Villaquirán de los Infantes - Burgos also offers very cheap prices for its seats on the train Villaquirán de los Infantes - Burgos, for being the nearest communicated railway with Burgos, only separated for 32.4 Km. And although the most distant from Burgos to one of the localities that connect by train with the city is 859.2 Km, in the case of the Paris - Burgos line, the price for the train tickets Paris - Burgos are very cheap as well.

The best locality as far as good prices are concerned for the journeys by train to Burgos is from Villaquirán de los Infantes, where for 2,30 € we will travel on a Media Distancia train in the noche schedule, we will arrive at the station Burgos Rosa de Lima at 21:42 h.

Any of the train trips to Burgos that you look for through our website and our powerful and effective search engine of cheap prices for our travellers who want to visit Burgos, their prices are from 2,30 € to 201,50 €.

The maximum of 201,50 € in case of travelling from to Burgos on a Trenhotel train, leaving from the station of in the noche schedule, and that the train - Burgos arrives at the station of Burgos at 7:46 h.

In other words, for a price of only between 2,30 € and 201,50 €, we can opt to have the best trip to Burgos, a city that offers us all kinds of tourist activities, such as adventure sports, culture, leisure for the whole family, romantic corners to enjoy in couple, different accommodation options, wine tourism, gastronomy, different routes to do on foot or by car, ruins and sites, active tourism, relax, etc.

For example, we can take advantage of our train trip to Burgos and visit the Fossil Tree Visitor Centre in the town of Hacinas, we can also visit the most important site on human evolution of the Sierra de Atapuerca, the Roman ruins of Clunia, The Roman Villa of Santa Cruz, without putting aside the wonderful natural places that has Burgos.

More about the trains to Burgos

Travelling by train to Burgos is the easiest and most convenient way to get there, and you can travel on direct trains to this city, a bastion of the reconquest, full of history, culture and leisure.

Burgos Pueblo de Frias

The wonders of Burgos as a tourist destination are well-known, both within our borders and in the rest of the world, however, in case anyone is still doubting, or does not know the tourist attractions of Burgos, we want to comment them, as well as all the possibilities that get open when choosing the trains to Burgos to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

All trains bound for Burgos finish their journey at the Burgos Rosa de Lima train station, located on Avenida Principe de Asturias, s / n, in the northwest area of ??the city. This train station was inaugurated in December 2008, replacing the previous station, which was of the twentieth century.

Inside the station, there are toilets, restaurant, cafeteria, luggage racks, post office, car and bicycle rental, and services are adapted for people with physical disabilities.

It has got two floors, on the ground floor are the entrances to the station, which will lead to a large central hall. In the upper floor are the platforms, that is, we will stop there on our train trip to Burgos, these platforms are open air, covered with a large canopy.

Among the train trips to Burgos we have the trains that travel from Valladolid to Burgo, also the Palencia Burgos trains, the Cordoba Burgos trains, the Logroño Burgos trains, the Vigo Burgos trains, the Lugo Burgos trains, the Vitoria Burgos trains, the Salamanca Burgos trains , the Avila Burgos trains, the Malaga Burgos trains, the Ourense Burgos trains, trains Segovia Burgos, trains Lleida Burgos, trains Tarragona Burgos, trains Santiago de Compostela Burgos, trains León Burgos, trains Miranda de Ebro Burgos, the Gijón Burgos trains, the A Coruña Burgos trains or the San Sebastián Burgos trains. The most successful train journeys in Burgos, both for its number of passengers and for the numerous daily departures of trains, are the following:

Trains Madrid Burgos: This route starts at Madrid Chamartín station and can be travelled on Alvia trains, Inter City trains and Media Distance trains. To travel by train from Madrid Chamartín to Burgos we can choose a direct route or a trip with transfer, usually taking place in Valladolid or in Palencia. There are also different classes and fares in which to travel on each train.

Trains Barcelona Burgos: The starting point of this journey is the Barcelona Sants train station, and it is made by Alvia trains, Inter City trains and Tren Hotel for direct trips, in case of transfer, you can start the journey in an AVE train carrying out the transfer in Madrid Puerta de Atocha, and in the case of other trains, in Miranda de Ebro. We also have to choose in which class we want to travel, as well as the fare.

Trains Zaragoza Burgos: the trains of this route leave from the station of Zaragoza Delicias and for this route users have Alvia trains, Inter City trains, Media Trains and Train Hotel for the direct routes at their disposal, we can also travel from Zaragoza to Burgos with transfer, for which there are also different options, for example, we can start the trip in a Regional Express train and change train in Vitoria. On Alvia trains, the transfer takes place in Miranda de Ebro. In AVE trains the transfer is in Madrid Puerta de Atocha. We can also choose between different classes and rates to make this journey.

Once you know the main train routes to travel to Burgos with all the comforts, do you need any excuse to make the trip? We are going to suggest a few routes for which it is impossible to avoid Burgos as your next destination for a vacation or a short train trip.

Catedral de Burgos

Regarding its artistic, cultural and monumental heritage, the list would be more than extensive, we will focus on its key points, and is that the medieval origin of Burgos is defined along a high number of buildings of that time: The cathedral of Santa María, the first Gothic building in the Iberian peninsula and the most representative of the city, is the most famous building in Burgos. Since 1984 it is a World Heritage Site.

The Monastery of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas, a cistercian monastery that is part of the National Heritage in which some of the characters of high Castilian heritage are buried, is another example of Gothic religious architecture.

Another point of interest in this type of gothic and religious architecture is the Cartuja de Miraflores, it is in the Fuentes Blancas Park and the best artists and architects of the time worked for its construction.

These are only a few examples of this type of architecture, which in Burgos, fortunately, is frequently found.

Paseo del Espolón en Burgos

In Burgos, a stroll through Paseo el Espolón is a must, a lovely walk under the branches of the banana trees from where you get fantastic views of the river Arlazón. And at the end of the walk there is another architectural work of great importance, the Arco de Santa María, declared Historic-Artistic Monument. Crossing this arch, you will find the famous Burgos Cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa María, the one before mentioned.

To have a magnificent view of the city, the ideal is to climb up to the Mirador del Castillo. And to enjoy the gastronomy of Burgos, with the blood sausage as its maximum exponent, the area to visit is the streets San Lorenzo, Diego Porcelos and Sombrerería.

Parque Natural Cañón del Rio Lobos

Nature lovers also find in Burgos the Natural Park of Rio Lobos Cañón, declared Natural Park in 1985.

Choose which your next train to Burgos is and enjoy all this and more.


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