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Train Schedules to Madrid

  • Train Schedules Barcelona to Madrid
  • Train Schedules Valencia to Madrid
  • Train Schedules Alicante to Madrid
  • Train Schedules Zaragoza to Madrid
  • Train Schedules Seville to Madrid
  • Train Schedules Malaga to Madrid
  • Train Schedules Tarragona to Madrid

Train Schedules to Barcelona

  • Train Schedules Madrid to Barcelona
  • Train Schedules Zaragoza to Barcelona
  • Train Schedules Valencia to Barcelona
  • Train Schedules Seville to Barcelona
  • Train Schedules Alicante to Barcelona
  • Train Schedules Girona to Barcelona
  • Train Schedules Malaga to Barcelona

Train Schedules to Seville

  • Train Schedules Madrid to Seville
  • Train Schedules Barcelona to Seville
  • Train Schedules Zaragoza to Seville
  • Train Schedules Córdoba to Seville
  • Train Schedules Malaga to Seville
  • Train Schedules Lleida to Seville
  • Train Schedules Valencia to Seville

Train Schedules to Málaga

  • Train Schedules Madrid to Málaga
  • Train Schedules Barcelona to Málaga
  • Train Schedules Córdoba to Málaga
  • Train Schedules Seville to Málaga
  • Train Schedules Zaragoza to Málaga
  • Train Schedules Lleida to Málaga
  • Train Schedules Ciudad Real to Málaga

Train Schedules to Córdoba

  • Train Schedules Madrid to Córdoba
  • Train Schedules Barcelona to Córdoba
  • Train Schedules Seville to Córdoba
  • Train Schedules Malaga to Córdoba
  • Train Schedules Zaragoza to Córdoba
  • Train Schedules Lleida to Córdoba
  • Train Schedules Valencia to Córdoba

Train Schedules to Valencia

  • Train Schedules Madrid to Valencia
  • Train Schedules Barcelona to Valencia
  • Train Schedules Alicante to Valencia
  • Train Schedules Alcoy to Valencia
  • Train Schedules Castellón to Valencia
  • Train Schedules Córdoba to Valencia
  • Train Schedules Tarragona to Valencia

Enjoy the widest and most varied range of train schedules

In this website, you will find the tickets to travel by train all over the country at the best price, thanks to the new technologies of our search engine. In addition, on our website you will find a full range of schedules for the train in which you want to travel. The web is also very intuitive and easy to use, you simply have to enter the place of origin and the place of destination and the date you want to travel. Our search engine will gather all the possibilities and show you the results ordered by price, showing you first the cheapest ones so you can save money when travelling

In addition, in this main page you will find below the search engine trains to six of the most important cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Córdoba and Málaga. In these tabs you have direct links to the schedules of the most used and habitual routes to travel by train to each one of these cities. Another option that incorporates the search engine is to check if you have the Gold Card or the Youth Card so that the discount on the online purchase of your train ticket is applied.

It is also important that you know that when you get on the train you must also show the card with which you have benefited from the discount. And it is absolutely necessary that you have the train ticket printed with the locator to be able to access the train. You can access your customer area at and reprint your ticket in "My tickets".


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